Maltreatment and Abuse Chronology of Exposure (MACE) scale translations

March 18, 2017


Full scale, scoring spreadsheets and R scoring program are available here

Teicher MH, Parigger A. The ‘Maltreatment and Abuse Chronology of Exposure’ (MACE) Scale for the retrospective assessment of abuse and neglect during development. PLoS ONE 2015, 10(2): e0117423. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0117423

Red Cap Implementation

Please contact: Diane (Xiaodan) Yan <XYAN4@MCLEAN.HARVARD.EDU>


Isele D, Teicher MH, Ruf-Leuschner M, Elbert T, Kolassa I-T, Schury K, Schauer M. KERF – ein Instrument zur umfassenden Ermittlung belastender Kindheitserfahrungen Erstellung und psychometrische Beurteilung der deutschsprachigen MACE (Maltreatment and Abuse Chronology of Exposure) Scale. Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie 2014, 43(2): 121–130.

Please contact: Dorothea Isele

Note – Dorothea has also developed a pediatric interview version


Portugese (Brazil)

Please contact: Rodrigo Grassi-Oliveira <>



Please contact: Elisabet Vilella Cuadrada  <>



Please contact: Roar Fosse <>



Please contact: Nikola Babić <>


In Progress

I believe that Laura Leenarts <> and team are working on French and Italian versions.


To all.  Please let me know if you’ve made or are working on a translation so I can provide an up-to-date listing.






Upcoming Presentations

March 15, 2017

April 3, 2017, St. Catharines Golf and Country Club 70 Westchester Ave St. Catharines ON

Childhood Abuse, Brain Development, Psychopathology and Addictions

(Workshop 9 AM – 4:30 PM, contact Lori Gill –

March 25, 2017, Ulm Germany, UNICEF

The impact of psychological trauma in flight situations (9 AM – 10:30 Einstein-Hall congress center CCU)

March 23, 2017,  Ulm, Germany,  DGKJP Kongress

Short and long term consequences of childhood traumatization (9 AM – 10:30 Einstein-Hall congress center CCU)



American Psychosomatic Society

October 23, 2016


Brain structural and functional sequelae of early life adversity

Invited lecture – 10/15/16

William Sargent Lecture – Royal College

October 23, 2016


Childhood Maltreatment, Brain Development and Psychopathology

Opening Keynote Lecture, Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculties of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Adult Psychiatry Joint Annual Scientific Meeting, Birmingham, England


June 29, 2016

Childhood Maltreatment: Sensitive Exposure Periods and The Importance of Type and Timing of Abuse – Australia


Bessel van der Kolk Annual Trauma Conference – 2016

June 7, 2016

Presentation Slides – The Enduring Neurobiological Effects of Abuse and Neglect


Childhood Abuse, Brain Development and Psychopathology

June 7, 2016

Australia Conference June 7, 2016 slides





Child Trauma Australia Workshop

June 6, 2016

Slides from all day workshop presentation 6/6/16



iPS Study of Family Members Discordant for ADHD

December 12, 2015

Recruiting Subjects

Currently recruiting pairs of subjects consisting of an adult (18 – 40 years of age) with ADHD plus an adult same-sex blood relative without ADHD or other psychiatric disorders for a very interesting study.  Participants with ADHD can be on or off medications.  The study involves comprehensive assessment and testing plus collection of a small skin sample. The skin sample will be cultured, converted into induced pluripotent stem cells (a very complex process), and the stem cells transformed into dopamine neurons.  We will then compare dopamine neurons of participants with ADHD to dopamine neurons from family members without ADHD. Subjects will be paid $75 for their participation. If you are interested and would like some more information, please call Cindy at (617) 855-2973 or email


For more about induced Pluripotent Stem Cells – see:

Robinton, D.A. and G.Q. Daley, The promise of induced pluripotent stem cells in research and therapy. Nature, 2012. 481(7381): p. 295-305

Bellin, M., et al., Induced pluripotent stem cells: the new patient? Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 2012. 13(11): p. 713-26.

Childhood Maltreatment Changes Cortical Network Architecture and May Raise Risk for Substance Use

December 7, 2015

An article, by Scott Eddie, highlighting our work on this topic  has been published in NIDA Notes.  I’ve attached the link. NIDA Notes Article